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3G and 4G Routers

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4G Router

A 4G Router or 4G LTE Router is a wireless broadband router that uses the new 4G LTE networks currently being rolled out in the UK. These 4G routers use LTE technology to provide high speed mobile internet services with download speeds up to 50 or 100Mbps and significantly faster upload speeds. If you are in an area that has access to a 4G LTE network and you want to share your 4G LTE service with multiple users then our high speed 4G routers will provide you with wired and wireless WiFi LAN connectivity for all your devices.

M2M 4G Routers

These M2M 4G Routers inlcude keep alive functions like Ping Reboot and Cell ICMP check that enable the router to detect that it has been disconnected from the mobile network and to reboot itself thus re-instating the mobile network connection. These keep alive measures are essential when using a 4G router for M2M remote management and monitoring.

Many of these 4G routers also have back up options such as SMS reboot so if the Ping Reboot does not work for whatever reason you can send an SMS message to the router manually so it can reboot and re-establish the connection. Some routers also inlcude extra resilience options, for example, the Proroute GEM420 has an extra SIM card slot so it can use a different network in the event that the primary network is unavailble.
Proroute GEM420 Dual SIM 4G Router

Proroute GEM420 Dual SIM 4G Router

The proroute GEM420 is the next generation of high speed 4G Wireless Broadband router from Proroute with new web interface and advanced features coupled with superb reliability making it ideally suited as the number one choice for all remote management and monitoring applications using 3G or 4G mobile networks for high speed wireless broadband connectivity.

As well as supporting the new 4G LTE service, the GEM420 4G LTE Router is backwards compatible with existing 3G mobile broadband services and can work with DC HSPA+ (up to 42Mbps) and HSPA+ (up to 21Mbps) as well as standard 3G HSPA (up to 7.2Mbps) services.

Offering 4 x Ethernet ports for wired LAN connectivity and high speed N Wireless WiFi as well as all the normal features you would expect of a high quality 3G / 4G router including firewall, port forwarding and built-in VPN (IPsec), the GEM420 4G LTE router includes a second SIM card slot so that the router can be configured to fail over to a secondary network in the event that the primary 3G/4G service becomes unavailable further enhaning the reliabilitry of this router for M2M applications.


Proroute H685 4G Router

Proroute H685 4G Router

The Proroute H685 4G Router is an industrial grade, M2M 4G Router that provides both 4G LTE and 3G HSPA+ connectivity for high speed mobile broadband internet connectivity and is the ideal solution to provide 4G connectivity for a wide range of M2M (Machine to Machine) applications such as CCTV, Digital Signage (Remote Media), Energy Monitoring (Solar and Wind) or any process controller or management system that communicates using IP.

The Proroute H685 4G LTE router uses the Sierra Wireless embedded 4G LTE modem which offers high speed 4G connectivity up to 100Mbps download speed and up to 50Mbps upload speed as well as being backwards compatible with widely available 3G services and provides DC-HSPA+, HSPA+, HSPA, UMTS and GPRS connectivity making this router one of the most flexible 3G and 4G routers available today.

The Proroute H685 4G Router inlcudes a single 10/100 Ethernet LAN port as well as an Ethernet WAN Port so it can be used as a failover 4G router. It also features built-in WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and all the normal router features you would expect from a high quality M2M 4G router inlcuding firewall, Port Forwarding and VPN. This router also inlcudes essential keep alive features to ensure it stays connected to the 3G/4G network and if it does get disconnected then can be configured to automatically reboot as re-establish the 4G connection.

Setting up the proroute is quick and easy - simply insert your 4G SIM card into the SIM card slot, connect the antennas and power up the unit. In order to connect to the internet you simply need to enter the correct APN settings in the web browser interface and the router will then connect and provide high speed 4G mobile broadband internet.


Proroute H820 LTE 4G Router

Proroute H820 LTE 4G Router

Building upon the success of the popular H685 industrial grade 4G router, the Proroute H820 4G Router provides additional LAN connectivity ports in a larger chassis.

The Proroute H820 4G LTE Router uses the latest Sierra Wireless 4G LTE module delivering the potential for 4G download speeds up to 100mbps. obviously these 4G speeds are dependant upon the 4G mobile provider service, distance to 4G base station and the number of simultaneous 4G users.

The Proroute H820 4G Router is ideal to provide reliable high speed 4G internet connectivity for construction site offices or for M2M remote connectivity that require additional LAN ports such as 4G CCTV or 4G Digital Signage / 4G Remote Media applications.


Teltonika RUT950 4G Router

Teltonika RUT950 4G Router

The Teltonika RUT950 4G Router replaces the RUT550 4G Router and offers several new features including Dual SIM failover so the router will switch to a backup SIM card in the event that the primary cellular network fails the router can use a seond network SIM card.

The RUT950 also inlcudes a bandwidth monitoring tool so can switch to the backup SIM card once the router reaches a certain omount of data usage.

The Teltonika RUT950 provides Ethernet and WiFi LAN connectivity as well as WAN port for WAN failover.

Cradlepoint COR IBR600 4G Router

Cradlepoint COR IBR600 4G Router

The Cradlepoint COR IBR600 4G Router is ideal for M2M applications that require a compact and robust wireless broadband connection for remote connection for management and monitoring applications. Using the high speed 4G networks in the UK, the IBR600 4G Router provides a reliable, always-on 4G network connection and offers VPN functionality.

LAN connectivity is via two Ethernet ports which can be configured LAN/WAN or LAN/LAN and the IBR600LP2 router inlcudes WiFi for convenient wireless hotspot connectivity.

The Cradlepoint IBR600 4G Router is supplied with detachable WiFi and Cellular antennas with standard SMA connections so if positioning the router in a location with very poor 3G/4G signal then you can add a high gain or external 4G antenna.


Teltonika RUT955

Teltonika RUT955

The Teltonika RUT955 M2M LTE 4G Router with RJ45 Ethernet LAN Ports, RJ45 Ethernet WAN Port for WAN Failover, 802.11n WiFi, RS232 Serial Interface, Digital I/O and GPS. The RUT955 is the ultimate M2M 4G Router providing most of the features you will ever need in a single unit. The RUT955 also features dual SIM card slots to provide failover to a backup SIM card in the event that the primary network is unavailable.

The RUT955 also features SMS Reboot and Ping Reboot to ensure a reliable 3G/4G connection.


Office 4G Routers

Office 4G Routers

In many cases for your Office 4G connectivity you do not need an industrial grade router with M2M functionality so in most cases for standard office 4G connectivity we recommend the Huawei B315 4G Router which is an embedded 4G router so you can iunsert your 4G SIm Card and enjoy high speed 4G internet with 4 x RJ45 Ethernet LAN Ports and high speed WiFi for up to 16 users.

The Huawei B315 4G Routers also feature 2 x external antenna connectors (SMA) which can be accessed by reoving the panel at the rear of the router. This means that if you are locating the B315 router in a location with a poor mobile network signal but y our have a better signal nearby you can connect an external 4G antenna - a typical expample would be using the Fullband MIMORAD outdoor antenna installed outdoors where there is a better mobile network signal and connect the twin 5m cables to the reasr of the B315 router which is installed indoors where the signal is weaker.


Can I use a normal 4G Data SIM Card for remote access to my 4G Router?

The quick answer is NO.

4G Networks providers (and most 3G services as well) use CGNAT (carrier Grade NAT) which means that they will only allocate your 3G or 4G connection with a PRIVATE IP address on their network.

This means that you will not get a PUBLIC IP Address which means that you will be unable to connect to your router or use port forwarding to connect to your devices on the LAN.

This means that DYNDNS WILL NOT WORK with a standard mobile data SIM card.

If you need to remotely access your 3G or 4G router then we recommend that you use a Fixed IP SIM Card.

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