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3G and 4G Routers

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Fixed IP SIM

Can I Use DYN DNS Instead Of Using A Fixed IP SIM Card?

If you are using a 4G SIM Card then your mobile provider WILL NOT provide your 4G internet connection with a PUBLIC IP Address which means that you CANNOT use DYN DNS with a 4G mobile broadband connection.

If you want to use a 3G connection then some service providers will give the 3G connection a public IP address so you can use DYNDNS but you will need to check with your service provider. For example, Three Mobile will provide you with a PUBLIC IP Address is you use the APN of 3internet, but if you use the standard APN of three.co.uk then they will only provide a PRIVATE IP Address. However - Three Mobile do not always provide your connection with a public IP address - this may be becuase when you register your connection they simply don't have any spare IP addresses left in their pool of numbers.

It is also worth remembering that Three Mobile do not guarantee this service and are not contractually obliged to provide it or continue to provide it and may stop the service without notice at any time so if you are making your financial decisions for the cost of a project using this method of connectivity you should factor into the equation that this service may become unavailable at some point in the future and you will then need to visit each remote location to replace the SIM card with a different network that still supports the provision of a PUBLIC IP Address and of course this may involve continuing to pay for your Three Mobile SIM cards if they are in contract as well as the new SIM card contracts.


Please note that if you are purchasing several Fixed IP SIM cards in order to create a site to site VPN then we recommend that you call us first before ordering so that we can advise you about the available options using our Fixed IP SIM cards.

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