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We supply reliable, industrial grade 3G, 4G and 5G Routers, Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards to provide cost effective mobile broadband connectivity for your CCTV, Energy, Remote Media or Building Management application.

Proroute M2M 4G / 5G Routers

Proroute 4G and 5G Routers provide reliable 4G / 5G mobile connectivity solutions for remote management and monitoring applications. Our best selling 4G router is the Proroute H685 which provides 2 x Ethernet ports and WiFi.

Teltonika M2M 4G / 5G Routers

View our range of Teltonika Industrial 4G and 5G routers including the latest RUT241, RUT951 and RUT956 routers which replace the RUT240, RUT950 and RUT955 4G routers.  We also stock the RUTX range as well as the RUTX50 5G Router and will have available upon launch the new RUT200 and RUT901 economy 4G routers.
We are a Teltonika Direct Partner so can offer great pricing as well as project pricing support and carry large stocks of Teltonika devices for next working day delivery.

RUT200 RUT901

Our Best Selling Antennas

The majority of our antennas sold are Fullband / Wideband Antennas that work on all cellular 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies. This means that if you buy a 5G router and use an external 5G antenna, the antenna will cover all the 4G/3G/2G frequencies, meaning your router will still work when there is no 5G signal and the router has to drop down to a 4G/3G/2G connection.

When you are installing a 4G Router / 5G router in a location with a very poor or no signal, but there is a good 4G/5G network signal nearby you could install a High Gain 4G antenna / 5G Antenna in the location where there is an improved signal and deliver this along the antenna cable to the router.

For example, this could be when installing the router inside a metal cabinet or inside an office with poor reception. If you are connecting to higher frequency bands (Band 7 or Band 38) or higher 5G frequencies then an external antenna becomes crucial. Higher frequencies don’t travel through walls well at all and so locating a 4G / 5G antenna outside will help improve performance.

When using a High Gain or External antenna with a 4G/5G router when the router is already installed in a location with a good signal, you might not improve the signal strength significantly and in many cases might see a reduction in signal strength because there will be signal loss along the extra length of cable so if you just want to boost your signal in the hope that it will improve your data throughput and 4G/5G download speeds then installing a Higher Gain 4G or 5G antenna might not always achieve this.

The reason that many 4G and 5G antennas are advertised with a higher dBi gain is usually becuase they are mounted some distance away from the actual router so the antenna can be positioned in the best area to receive a good signal. This means it may have a longer cable length so the extra dBi gain is there to compensate for the signal loss down the length of the cable.

When installing a 4G Router in a location with a poor 4G network signal, the connection of a high gain 4G antenna may help to improve the signal strength by placing the antenna in a location where it receives a better signal. The 4G antenna then delivers this better 4G signal along the length of antenna cable directly to the 4G router. There is usually signal loss along the length of cable which is why the antenna usually has a higher gain, so it compensates for the signal loss. In many cases this means that the signal the router receives tends to be the same as though the router was installed at the location of the antenna, rather than the user seeing a higher gain, they are just seeing an improvement relative to the location of the router which is situated in the poorer 4G signal location.

Some 4G antennas are designed to help boost 4G signal reception when used in close proximity to the 4G router and these tend to be designed as internal antennas with very high gain and usually provide a more reliable and steady 4G service rather than significantly improving the data throughput. We do not sell this type of antenna as this is more of a home user solution.

When selecting a 4G antenna you should look for a Fullband / Wideband antenna that covers the full 800-2600Mhz frequency range – this means that it will be compatible with all UK services and will be backwards compatible with 3G and 2G connections.

The 3G Router Store is the largest stockist of 4G and 5G Routers in the UK.

Whether you need a single 4G router for your office or the latest high speed CAT19 4G router for your construction site office we can usually deliver the next working day.

If you have a larger requirement and need 10, 20 or even 100 units then contact us to find our our project pricing. We buy in bulk so we can pass the pricing benefits to our customers who enjoy the lowest prices in the UK.

Our customers cover all aspects of business, from energy and construction, through to business, security, government and military so we are experienced in the wide variety of applications that our 4G and 5G routers are used for. Whether it is to provide remote access over 4G or 5G service to a CCTV / DVR installation (4G CCTV / 5G CCTV) or a 4G /5G M2M Router solution for monitoring water or energy installations we can provide the advice and assistance based upon our experience in providing these types of mobile broadband connectivity solutions since the arrival of 3G services.

We supply 4G and 5G Routers from leading manufacturers including Proroute, Amit, Teltonika, Zyxel, Draytek, Cradlepoint and Sierra Wireless and we also provide 4G Fixed IP SIM Cards and VPN SIM solutions to enable convenient remote access to the 4G/5G Router and using port forwarding to the devices connected on the LAN side.

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4G and 5G mobile broadband services are an always available service and not an always on service. This means that any permanently connected 4G or 5G device will be disconnected by the mobile network. A 4G or 5G mobile modem plugged into a PC or a home or small office router can simply be turned off and on and will then reconnect to the network, however a mobile 4G or 5G router installed in a remote location that becomes disconnected by the mobile network will mean considerable inconvenience to arrange for the device to be power cycled in order to get it to reconnect.

An M2M Router includes additional features to overcome this problem caused by the way the mobile networks operate. The most common way that M2M routers overcome this problem is the PING REBOOT feature which is a setting in the router which can be configured to ping an IP address on the internet and when the router can’t get a response it will assume that the mobile network has disconnected the mobile service and the router will then reboot and re-establish the connection. 4G/5G M2M routers may also have backup features such as SMS reboot and SMS status so you can reboot the router via text message. These features will ensure a reliable 4G/5G service but of course will not provide an always on service because they will still get disconnected but at least these features will ensure that it will be able to automatically reconnect.

Buying a 4G or 5G Router for your business or M2M remote monitoring and management application is quick and easy at the 3G Router Store. We stock the largest range of embedded 4G and 5G Routers with next working day delivery in the UK. We have been supplying 4G and 5G Routers and antenna from leading manufacturers including Proroute, Teltonika, Fullband, Sierra Wireless, Draytek, Cradlepoint, ZTE and Zyxel for over ten years.

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