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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

Huawei B315s-22 4G Router

Huawei B315 4G Router - (Model B315s22) UK 4G Router with LAN and WiFi

Huawei B315 4G Router - (Model B315s22) UK 4G Router with LAN and WiFi

119.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 

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Ref: Huawei B315s-22


Huawei B315 4G Router Overview

The HUAWEI B315s-22 LTE CPE is a wireless gateway that integrates LTE and high-speed Ethernet uplink access, which provides users with flexible and diversified data access and voice services.

The frequency bands of the product are as follows.
.. LTE: Band 1/3/7/8/20/38
FDD 2100 MHz/1800 MHz/2600 MHz/900 MHz/800 MHz/TDD 2600 MHz
.. UMTS: Band 1/8 2100 MHz/900 MHz
.. GSM: Band 2/3/5/8 1900 MHz/1800 MHz/850 MHz/900 MHz

The B315s-22 supports the following standards:
.. Long Term Evolution (LTE)
.. Dual Carrier High Speed Packet Access Plus (DC-HSPA+)
.. High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+)
.. High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)
.. Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA)
.. Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE)
.. General Packet Radio Service (System) (GPRS)
.. Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)
.. Gigabit Ethernet (GE)

The B315s-22 supports wired and wireless network access, and provides data routing service.

The B315s-22 provides the following services:
.. Data service
.. Voice service
.. SMS
.. Security service
.. Local maintenance management function

TELEPHONE PORT - This will enable the connection of a normal analogue telephone to make and receive GSM calls - this means that if you insert a SIM card that provides both Voice and Data you can make and receive calls using a normal telephone with call charges as per your call plan.

EXTERNAL ANTENNA CONNECTORS - The B315 4G Router has a removeable cover on the rear of the unit that provides access to 2 x SMA antenna connectors to enable the connection of an external antenna. You can then select to use the internal or external antenna as shown in the video below.

Here is a quick video that shows how to configure the B315 to use the external antenna

3G AND 4G COMPATIBLE - The Huawei B315 4G Router will work with any 4G Data SIM Card and will also work with any 3G Data SIM Card and if you use a 4G SIM card and dont have 4G coverage then the B315 will automatically use 3G instead.


The video below shows where the settings are to configure port forwardin on the B315 4G Router. This assumes that you have already decided on a method to remotely access your router for exapmple using a Fixed IP SIM card.

port forwarding will not work unless you are using a compatible mobile network service that enables you to remotely access your router - many standard mobile data SIM card providers use CGNAT so your 4G router only receives a private IP address so cannot be accessed and also means that services like DDNS / DYNDNS will not work and also port forwarding will not work so please check with your mobile provider whether your connection receives a PUBLIC or Fixed and accessible IP address to enable remote access to the router otherwise port forwarding will not work.

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