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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

Huawei E5186 LTE 4G Router

Huawei E5186 CAT6 LTE 4G Router with Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 802.11b/g/n/ac high speed WiFi

Huawei E5186 CAT6 LTE 4G Router with Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 802.11b/g/n/ac high speed WiFi

149.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Replaced with the new Huawei B525 CAT6 4G Router

Ref: Huawei E5186 4G


Huawei E5186 4G Router Overview

As a high-performance LTE CPE device, the E5186s-22a enables users to get access to wireless and wired networks. The E5186s-22a supports the following frequency bands:

.. LTE
.. Frequency division duplex (FDD): 2600/2100/1800/900/800 MHz
.. FDD Down Link (DL) Carrier Aggregation (CA): 1800 MHz + 2600 MHz, 1800
MHz + 800 MHz, 2600 MHz + 800 MHz, 1800 MHz intra-band contiguous,
2600 MHz intra-band contiguous
.. Time division duplex (TDD): 2600 MHz
.. TDD DL CA: 2600 MHz intra-band contiguous
.. DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS: 2100/900 MHz
.. EDGE/GPRS/GSM: 1900/1800/900/850 MHz

The Huawei E5186s-22a can work in any of the following network standards:
.. LTE
.. Dual Carrier High Speed Packet Access Plus (DC-HSPA+)
.. High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+)
.. High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA)
.. High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)
.. Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)
.. Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE)
.. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
.. Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)

The huawei E5186s-22a provides the following services and functions:
.. Data services
.. Voice services
.. Short message service (SMS)
.. USB Sharing services
.. Security functions
.. Maintenance and management

Below you can view a quick video of the Huawei E5186 Web User Interface so you can see some of the router configuration options - you can also see a speed test showing the performance of the E5186 4G Router with an EE SIm card using the built-in High-Power antennas and then a comparison against an outdoor mounted antenna showing that the new antenna design works very well and you only need an outdoor antenna in situations where the signal indorrs is very weak but there is a string signal outdoors.

The E5186s-22 UK LTE 4G Router has a panel at the rear that can be removed to expose the 2 x SMA Antenna connectors for the connection of xternal antennas.

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