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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

Mobile Office Phone System

Temporary Office Communications

Temporary Office Communications

How do you deal with Communications?
Mobiles? PC’s with Dongles?
Do you just end up getting by while trying to
Argue with BT about getting permanent lines
Into the location?
When you do, what does it cost?

Time - 3 months+
High Installation costs
Hazardous environment - Cable get broken easily.
Rental costs and high call charges
Everything is used once and thrown away as you
Move onto the next site

Why wait for BT - There is an alternative!
Instant Site Office Communications

Instant Site Office Communications


- Set up a professional office environment with PC’s and Phones
- Install a 3G router creating an identical office look and feel.
- PCs connect to the Router over Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables
- IP Phones connect to the Router via Ethernet
- Phones can be programmed to have an individual number or be part of a
Group with all the features/functions of an office phone system

- 10£ per phone extension per month - Budgetary
- Call charges 1pence per minute for Fixed UK National calls
- Call charges 5pence per minute for Mobile UK National calls
- Data enabled SIMs from all the main carriers or under your own contract

As each temporary office is installed a pre ordered package can be put together
To make the site operational on day 1

Costs are known up front

No waiting - and the equipment can be used again at another site.

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