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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

4G Speed Test Using proroute H685 4G Router and EE 4G SIM Card

As you may know, the Proroute H685 router is an embedded 4G Router so for this test we took a normal EE (Everything Everywhere) 4G SIM Card and insterted it into the SIM card slot of the router. We powered it up and changed the APN to Everywhere. Once the router had connected to the 4G network we did some speed tests with amazing results. This was before EE had even launched their Double Speed 4G advertising campaign.

Anyway - here is the speed test result for you to view.

The Proroute H865 4G Router is the compact version of the popular Proroute H820 4G Router. Both routers work and perform in the same way. They both use the Sierra Wireless MC7710 4G LTE module and have the same specifications and functionality. The only differences being the casing size with the Proroute H820 4G Router being the larger of the two routers, supporting 4 x LAN Ethernet Ports, whereas the Proroute H685 4G Router supports 1 x LAN Ethernet port.

Here is another 4G Speed Test carried out using the proroute H820 4G Router on Tuesday 1st October 2013 with very impressive download and upload speeds using an EE 4G SIM Card.

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