5G Routers – Best Selection, UK Stockist

Our 5G router range includes industrial 5G routers for M2M remote access and monitoring applications such as 5G CCTV remote access.  We also stock 5G routers for home and office 5G Internet connectivity as well as 5G Backup / 5G Failover.  We stock 5G routers from leading manufacturers including Proroute, Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint, Teltonika, Digi, Huawei, TCL, ZTE, Four-Faith and Robustel.  We also offer Fixed IP SIM cards for convenient remote access and SIM management and many of our routers are available with RMS Remote Management services to monitor the status of the routers and enable bulk firmware and configuration changes eg. Teltonika RMS.  Our Fixed IP SIM card range even includes an unlimited data 5G Fixed IP SIM card offering for users with large data requirements for example 5G CCTV connectivity or office 5G backup or temporary / site office connectivity.


5G Routers

Teltonika RUTX50 5G Router

This is the new high speed M2M / IoT, Industrial 5G Router from Teltonika.  The Teltonika RUTX50 router launched in mid September 2022 and become a firm favourite for customers requiring a 5G solution for applications requiring higher speed 4G and 5G data.  The RUTX50 router provides reliable and secure connectivity with high speed 5G with dual SIM failover and of course all the features you get with Teltonika RUTOS and remote management with the Teltonika RMS.

Proroute H685 5G Router

Proroute H685 Industrial 5G Router

A 5G Router that provides a compact, robust, secure and reliable 5G Internet connection with Ethernet and WiFi, The H685 5G is designed for M2M remote access and monitoring applications.  This best selling Industrial router is for users that need the faster download and upload speeds delivered by the 5G mobile network such as 5G CCTV remote access.

5G router with 4 x SMA external antenna connections

Proroute NR550 Industrial 5G Router

The RAPID NR550 is the new high speed, robust, secure and reliable 5G router with Ethernet and WiFi from Proroute.  It is designed for M2M remote access and monitoring applications that demand the faster download and upload speeds delivered by the 5G mobile network such as 5G CCTV remote access.  It is also suitable for home and office users that want the reliability and functionality of an Industrial 5G router with the option of adding high gain external 5G Antennas

H900 Industrial 5G Router with WAVE2 WiFi

Proroute H900 5G Router with WAVE2 WiFi

The H900 5G Router with WAVE2 WiFi provides a fast, robust, secure and reliable 5G Internet.  It is designed for M2M remote access and monitoring applications that demand the faster download and upload speeds delivered by the 5G mobile network such as 5G CCTV remote access and high speed WiFi for wireless device connections.

Robustel R5020 Industrial 5G Router

Robustel R5020 5G Router

The Robustel R5020 is a dual SIM 5G Router offering fast 5G connectivity speeds combined with dual SIM slots for failover to a backup SIM card for added resiliency.

The R5020 router includes Gigabit Ethernet ports and WiFi for wired and wireless LAN working.

Cradlepoint R1900 5G Router

Cradlepoint R1900 Rugged 5G Router

The R1900 Series router was built from the ground up to handle high-performance mobile 5G connectivity and edge computing. Purpose-built to withstand extreme environments, the R1900 is an all-in-one mobile networking solution ideally suited for installations within a wide range of vehicles including metro transit buses, school buses, commercial fleets, as well as first responder vehicles such as police, fire, ambulance, and mobile command trailers.

Digi TX64 5G Router

DIGI TX64 5G / LTE Advanced Router

Ideal for challenging transportation and mobile environments, Digi TX64 is a 5G and 4G LTE-Advanced Pro cellular router with true enterprise class routing, security, firewall and integrated VPN. It offers a flexible interface design with an integrated Wi-Fi access point, USB, serial and 4-port Ethernet switch, as well as a variety of configuration options including dead reckoning GNSS and Bluetooth®.


ZTE MC889 Outdoor 5G Router

ZTE MC889 Outdoor 5G Router With T3000 Indoor WiFi6 Hotspot

The ZTE MC889 5G Router overcomes the problem of adding an outdoor 5G antenna when the best 5G signal is outdoors because the router is installed outdoors and uses a single Ethernet Cable to connect to the indoor T3000 WiFi6 hotspot with Gigabit Ethernet Ports for indoor connectivity to the high speed 5G Internet service.

Zyxel FWA510

Zyxel FWA510 5G Router With Nebula Cloud Management

The FWA510 5G router from Zyxel with cloud management is the ideal choice for high speed office 5G internet.  Easy to manage with the Nebula cloud management and phone App.  The FWA510 5G router provides super fast 5G Internet and WiFi6 for long range, fast WiFi for up to 64 wireless users.  This router also has 4 x TS9 external antenna connectors so can be used with an outdoor 4G / 5G antenna.

FNB310 5G Router

Four-Faith FNB310 Home/Office 5G Router

The FNB310 is the new, low cost 5G router with single Nano SIM slot for 5G SIM and provides 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports (LAN/WAN or LAN/LAN) and WiFi6 for connection of wireless devices to share the high speed 5G mobile broadband Internet service.


SD-WAN – Wired / 4G / 5G

SD-WAN is a flexible, high-performance software-defined wide area networking solution and using 5G wireless technology cerate’s the next big thing in network modernization. The union of these two technologies will change the networking landscape for businesses well beyond what 4G did for mobile/wireless communications.  It offers the opportunity to create resilient Internet WAN solutions for business that need 4G/5G backup resilience with the convenience of managed IP networking.


ZTE MC889 Outdoor 5G Router

ZTE MC889 Outdoor 5G Router

The MC889 Outdoor 5G Router is a compact, high speed weatherproof 5G router that can be installed outdoors where it can receive the strongest 5G network signal.  It is powered using POE (Power Over Ethernet) and is available bundled with the T3000 indoor WiFi6 Hotspot to deliver high speed 5G WiFi to users indoors.


Zyxel NR7101 Outdoor 5G Router

This new, high speed 5G router from Zyxel provides an outdoor 5G WiFi hotspot using a 5G sim inserted inside the router.  It has an advanced 5G cellular antenna array inside the weatherproof casing to provide the highest quality 5G mobile broadband connection.  The Zyxel NR7101 is powered using POE (Power Over Ethernet) so the high speed connection runs back indoors to your network switch so it can be utilised by users on your office LAN.


If you need a high speed 5G Internet service that can bond together several 4G and 5G SIM cards to deliver a combined, high speed, single Internet service then you probably need an SD-WAN service.

An SD-WAN solution comprises the SDWAN device which enables you to connect multiple Internet services.  These could be in the form of 5G or 4G Routers, Satellite Broadband and Wired Ethernet (ADSL/FTTC/FTTP/Leased Line).  It can accept any mix of these, so if you just wanted a high speed rural broadband service for example, and only had access to 4G and 5G services you could connect two or three 5G or 4G routers, each with their own SIM card and the SD-WAN device would be able to combine all of these Internet streams (legs) together to create a high speed bonded Internet service.

However – it is not as simple as just buying an SD-WAN box, or a bonding router with multiple 5G or 4G modems and inserting your SIM cards and expecting a high speed service.

The SD-WAN device has to connect all the separate Internet ‘Legs’ to a central service that can combine the multiple services and bond them together and deliver them as a single service to the Internet.  This SD-WAN service is where the magic really happens.  It takes the multiple feeds, each of which will have it’s own IP address, and combines them together and delivers the combined, high speed SD-WAN service to the internet with a single IPv4 IP Address.

This means that in order to create a 4G or 5G bonded Internet service you will need both the SD-WAN box, the routers and SIM cards and will also need a subscription to the SD-WAN bonding service.

Our Bonded 5G SD-WAN service is called SD WAN PRO and you can read about the service and get pricing for the SD-WAN box, routers, SIM cards and SD-WAN service at our dedicated SDWANPRO information page.  CLICK HERE.