Innovative 4G and 5G Antenna Solutions

Whatever the size of your project we have the antenna solution to fulfil your requirements.

We have arranged our range of antennas into different categories so that you can easily find what you need below.

If your 4G or 5G Router is located in a position with a poor mobile broadband signal then you may want to use a different mobile Antenna – for example – your 4G router is located indoors with a poor 4G signal, but there is a good 4G signal outdoors – in this example you could install an outdoor MIMO 4G Antenna where there is a better signal and connect this to your 4G router indoors.

The extra gain supplied by the high gain outdoor 4G aerial will compensate for the extra signal loss along the length of the antenna cable so the installation of an outdoor antenna would provide a similar service as though you had installed your router outdoors where the better mobile signal is available. These are not booster antennas, they work on the principal that the signal will be better in the location of the antenna compared to the router.

These are a few of our best selling 4G antennas – click the link below to view the full range.


These are a few of our best selling 5G antennas – click the link below to view the full range.

Do you need a high gain outdoor antenna to connect to your 5G router?

For many rural broadband users that want to take advantage of high speed 4G or 5G Internet a router with SIM slot and embedded modem is quickly becoming the preferred choice.  For many of these installations the user would have a router and outdoor antenna, however some consumer routers do not have external antenna ports or may have fiddly TS9 connectors so we get many requests asking for a high speed 5G router with SMA antenna connectors that would be suitable for home or office in these rural locations.  You can read about our proposed router and antenna suggestions on our rural broadband page.

If you want a 5G router with separate outdoor antenna we recommend the Teltonika RUTX50 5G router which can provide high speed Internet connectivity and has 4 x external antenna ports so can be used with our 4×4 MiMo outdoor antennas.  Ideal for use with our Panorama 5G Antennas.