MIMORAD 2×2 MiMo 5G Antenna

Omni Directional, Rugged MIMO Wall & Pole mounted 5G Antenna

Fullband® MIMORAD® is an omni Directional, high performance wide band antenna that has twin connector cables to connect to the MAIN and AUX ports of 4G and 5G routers.

MIMORAD MiMo Antenna Supports 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G Mobile Network Frequencies in the UK

It is a Fullband Antenna which means that it works with all UK 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network frequencies so can be used with all of our 4G and 5G routers that have a MAIN and AUX antenna connection.

This type of Cell Antenna that contains two separate antenna elements with two antenna connections is usually called a 2×2 MiMo antenna.  This makes it suitable for connection to most 4G routers which usually have two antenna connections (Main and Aux).  Many Industrial 5G routers will have 4 x Cell Antenna connections and this is commonly known as 4×4 MiMo.  In this instance you can use a 4×4 MiMO antenna or simply install 2 x MIMORAD antennas.

It is fully weatherproof so can be positioned outdoors in the optimum position to caputure the best 3G/4G/5G signal and deliver it to the connected device and its vertical beam width and back to front ratio ensure that it will deliver the best MIMO Plus performane at all times.

The Peak Gain of this MiMo antenna is 6dBi and the antenna can be wall or pole mounted.

The MIMORAD® antenna is pre-terminated with 2 x 5m long antenna cables terminated with SMA Male connectors to fit directly to the antenna ports of your 3G or 4G Router. If you need to extend the cable length then remember you will need to purchase two antenna extension cables. Please also remember that if you are using antenna extension cables that your extended cable length will depend upon the signal strength of the mobile network at the antenna location. If your signal strength is excellent then you can extend up to 15m to 20m but if the signal strength at the antenna location is only good or medium then your maximum cable length should be shorted at perhaps just 10m.

Frequency 800-960/1710-2600MHz/3500Mhz (supports NEW 5G Mobile 2700Mhz and 3500Mhz)
Central point 800/1800/2600MHz
VSWR 2.0
Peak Gain 6dBi
F/B radio 8dBi
Polarizatio Type Vertical
Vertical beam width 800-960MHz—40-60°, 1710-2700MHz–14-32° 3500Mhz 10-28°
Rated Power 100w
Input Impedance 50 Ohm

Connector Type SMA Male x 2
Cable type SSF50 5m long x 2
Operation temperature -40 to +70 celcius
Water proof level IP67
Mounting method U bolt
Dimensions 70mm Diameter x 350mm height
Radome Materal PVC
Weight 1.5Kg


Test fre:800MHz
Test on H plane
Peak level:-30.36dB
3dB beamwidth:360.00° F/B:0.89dB
Directional value:1.50dBi
Test fre:800MHz
Test on V plane
Peak level:-31.97dB
3dB beamwidth:86.35° F/B:1.00dB
Directional value:5.04dBi
Left side one:4.20dB
Right side one:4.20dB


Test fre:960MHz
Test on H plane
Peak level:-38.69dB
3dB beamwidth:123.80° F/B:0.24dB
Test fre:960MHz
Test on V plane
Peak level:-38.49dB
3dB beamwidth:79.96° F/B:0.72dB


Test fre:1710MHz
Test on H plane
Peak level:-49.67dB
3dB beamwidth:147.73° F/B:0.01dB
Test fre:1710MHz
Test on V plane
Peak level:-50.86dB
3dB beamwidth:68.12° F/B:0.94dB


Test fre:2600MHz
Test on H plane
Peak level:-61.48dB
3dB beamwidth:246.76° F/B:3.10dB
Test fre:2600MHz
Test on V plane
Peak level:-52.39dB
3dB beamwidth:46.40° F/B:0.82dB


Test fre:3500MHz
Test on H plane
Peak level:-58.78dB
3dB beamwidth:230.20° F/B:0.14dB
Test fre:3500MHz
Test on V plane
Peak level:-61.39dB
3dB beamwidth:38.98° F/B:1.13dB