Bonded 5G

Speedroute SD-WAN Bonded 4G / 5G

Visit the SPEEDROUTE SD-WAN site for full details of how this innovative solution can provided a bonded 4G or bonded 5G internet service to add extra bandwidth to your existing office wired broadband service and also act as a 4G failover / 5G failover to ensure business Internet continuity and disaster recovery.

Our SD-WAN solution can also be used to provide high speed Internet for site offices as well and temporary Internet for office moves or disaster recovery. Get connected next working day with high speed 5G internet or multiple bonded 4G connections where 5G is unavailable. Ideal if you need to wait for several months for your business leased line to be installed. In fast, many businesses are using Speedroute SD-WAN services as alternatives to leased lines as it can provide an easily scalable business Internet service by bonding multiple Internet services together with QoS to deliver low latency bonded services.

Bonded 5G Router

If you need a bonded 5G router then you would need to consider how this router, that contains multiple 5G modems would connect to a central bonding service to create a single, high speed connection which breaks out to the Internet.  For a large organisation, with several branch offices, the branch office might use a bonded 5G router with multiple 5G SIM cards and these would connect to a server at the head office which could combine these multiple Internet services and then break this out to the Internet.
This is why SD-WAN services like SD WAN PRO exist, because it provides an easy to use, high speed bonded 5G service without the expense of central office hardware and extra Internet capacity to deal with multiple branch office break-outs.

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