Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy is to be a responsible corporate citizen in protecting the environment. We are committed to complying with accepted environmental practices, including the commitment to meet or exceed applicable legal and other requirements, to strive for continual improvement and to minimise the creation of waste and pollution. We will, therefore, manage our processes, our materials and our people in order to reduce the environmental impact on our work.

Millbeck Communications have set out the following main objectives:
• Reduce, reuse and recycle waste and packaging.
• Improve the efficiency of energy usage.
• Constantly review aspects, objectives and targets.
• Understand the requirements of customers, authorities and agencies.

Environmental Planning

The Company Environmental Policy forms the basis of Environmental Planning and the identification of environmental impacts with the organisation. However, it is acknowledged that where specifically requested by customers, and ascertained at contractual planning and agreement stage, additional requirements may be produced as required.

Environmental Policy

To confirm our commitment the Company management has developed a policy statement appropriate to our operations as described below. This policy enables us to work towards objectives of sustainable environmental improvement, which will lead to the prevention of pollution and future protection of the environment

Due to the nature of our Company business, i.e. service industry and not manufacturing industry, we do not use toxic materials or substances in the carrying out of our business.

All employees are encouraged to understand and implement the objectives of this policy in their day to day work through regular discussion, communication and training.

The Managing Director has specific responsibility for policy development, co-ordination and evaluation. Millbeck Communications is committed to minimising the impact of its operations on
the environment by means of a programme of continual improvement.

In particular Millbeck Communications will:
a) Ensure appropriate resources will continually be made to ensure the environmental policy is implemented in full.
b) Discuss environmental issues with all employees, conduct training programmes and encourage best implementation practice by all Millbeck personnel.
c) Meet, and where appropriate, exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation.
d) Work with suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment through a quality purchasing policy.
e) Seek to reduce the following:
Consumption of materials in all operations, reuse rather than dispose wherever possible and to promote recycled materials.
Ensure all our vehicles are replaced at economic intervals and regularly undergo normal servicing where the key factor is the exhaust emission produced by these vehicles and also ensure they are well below the limits set by the Department of Transport and where possible use hybrid or electric vehicles.
Noise, visual and other impacts on the local environment.

Environment Policy
Regular review of environmental performance will be actioned to ensure our environmental objectives and targets as described are maintained at all times.
Additionally this Environmental Policy Statement will be made available to all interested parties at all times.

Environmental Management Review Meetings
Annually an Environmental Management Review Meeting is held by Managing Director and relevant company personnel.

The objectives of these meetings are primarily to:
Review the environmental management policy, to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.
Ensure the requirements and objectives of the Company Environment Policy continue to be maintained.
Sustain continuous improvement in overall environmental performances.
Ensure compliance to all applicable legislation and other requirements.