What is DC HSPA+

DC-HSPA is a “dual carrier” or “dual channel” form of HSPA+ that achieves greater upload and download speeds by using two 5MHz bands of spectrum in parallel instead of relying on the normal single 5MHz band of spectrum used by HSPA+ and other HSPA network technologies. This brute force method of doubling bandwidth can greatly improve connection quality in weaker signal areas in addition to simply providing faster data speeds.

Also known as: “dual carrier HSPA”, “dual channel HSPA”, “HSPA-DC”

At present there have only been DCHSPA+ trials in the UK and O2 are the only carrier so far to confirm they will be rolling out DC-HSPA+ but the roll out will not start until Q4 2012 and it may take several years before your area gets this new high speed HSPA+ technology.

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