Mobile Network Provider Codes

UK Network Provider Codes

You may sometimes see a number in your router status page for network name instead of the actual SIM card network name.  Here is a quick guide of the network operator codes for UK networks.

  • Three – 23420
  • Voda – 23415
  • EE – 23430
  • O2 – 23410
  • EE ESN (Emergency services network) – 23432


You can compare the above to this older list with previous network names and the following also contains Jersey and Guernsey Telecom SIM cards which are sometimes used as roaming SIM cards in the UK.

23420 = Hutchinson 3G (3) – United Kingdom
23410 = O2 – United Kingdom
23415 = Vodafone – United Kingdom
23430, 23431, 23432 = T-Mobile – Virgin – UK
23433 = Orange – United Kingdom
23450 = Jersey Telecom GSM – United Kingdom
23455 = Guernsey Telecoms GSM – United Kingdom
23458 = Manx Telecom Pronto GSM – United Kingdom
23400 = Virgin 3510i
23400001 = Virgin


These codes are handy to know if you are using a roaming SIM card in a 4G or 5G router and want to configure the router to manually connect to a specific network.  For example in the Teltonika 4G and 5G routers configuration, under mobile settings you can have a particular network as the priority and then if this is unavailable it can utilise the available networks on the roaming sim.