Hole Mounted / Vehicle mounted antennas

Poynting A-MIMO-0003-V2-12 Size vs Fullband FB4X4MIMO DOME Antennas

We are often asked about alternatives to the Poynting A-MIMO-0003-V2-12 and A-MIMO-0003-V2-15 Vehicle Antennas.

For clarification, the V2-12 Antenna supports 2×2 MIMO for 4G/5G connection so has two cables that connect to your cellular antenna ports of your 4G/5G router whilst the V2-15 antenna has 5 cables, two for cellular, two for WiFi and one for GPS.

A-MIMO-0003-V2-12 Alternatives

If you need an alternative you could use the Poynting PUCK2 which is a hole mounted antenna with two cables for 4G/5G connection or the Panorama LPP-7-38-3SP low profile puck antenna.

A-MIMO-0003-V2-15 Alternatives

If you need the WiFi and GPS then there are few alternatives as this same price point, however if you just need 4×4 MiMo for cellular connectivity you can use the Fullband FB4X4MIMO or the slightly smaller FB4X4MINIDOME antennas – both supplied with 4 cellular antennas and cables to connect to your 5G router.

A-MIMO-0003-V2-17 Alternatives

If you are considering this antenna it is because you want 4×4 5G antenna connectivity and this is where the real alternatives are available in the form of the Fullband FB4X4MIMO and FB4X4MINIDOME antennas can profile a more compact, lower profile, roof mounted antenna solution for connection to 4×4 MiMO 5G routers.

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