5G Antennas

Buy a 5G Antenna for next working day delivery from the 3G 4G  5G Router Store. We stock a good range of antennas that cover all the 3G/4G and 5G Frequencies and to suit different installation situations.

Antenna Applications

The most common reason for purchasing an additional antenna is because the 5G router is located where there is a poor signal and you need to position an antenna where there is a better 5G service. This usually means installing an outdoor cellular antenna and running the antenna cables to the router indoors.

We offer high gain directional antennas ideal for rural broadband where users need to get the best 4G or 5G network signal over long distances.

We stock a range of Omni-Directional antennas to suit 4G and 5G router installations where the router might benefit form a different antenna configuration eg. a puck style or low profile antenna mounted on the top of a kiosk or an outdoor antenna for a home or office installation.

We now stock vehicle antennas including the Panorama shark fin antennas and their new 4×4 MiMo Vehicle 5G Antenna.  Some antenna configurations can also include WiFi and GPS.

Our range includes single, 2×2 MiMo and 4×4 MiMo Antennas as well as extension cables and mounting brackets.

If you need a particular type or style of antenna and do not see it listed then please get in touch as we can supply the full range of Panorama Antennas as well as Fullband antennas that will suit most applications.

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