5G Routers

Do you need 5G Routers with fast delivery and expert advice?

Whether you need 5G mobile broadband for M2M remote access and monitoring or for office or home 5G Internet, our range of routers with SIM slot for 5G SIM cards provide a solution for you.

We keep large UK stocks from leading manufacturers as well as home and office 5G SIM routers.  5G backup and 5G failover router solutions are also available.  We offer next day delivery on most items as well as 5G antennas and SIM cards.

We offer bonded 5G router solutions and SD-WAN bonding providing the ideal solution for Pre-Ethernet installations.  Our SD WAN PRO service provides bonded 5G Internet for ultra-fast 5G upload and download speeds.  The SD WAN Pro solution can bond 2, 3 or 4 routers with speeds up to 1GB.

We offer a choice of routers with SIM slots that are ideal for most applications that need a high speed 5G Mobile Broadband Internet service with a secure and reliable router.  Many of our routers are used for 5G CCTV internet access as well as vehicle 5G routers and high speed office 5G Internet connectivity.

Industrial 5G LTE Routers

If you need an industrial router for remote access and monitoring then our range includes the latest high speed routers from Proroute, Robustel, Cradlepoint and Sierra Wireless.

Routers with embedded 5G Modem

All of the 5G LTE routers we supply have embedded 5G modems and SIM card slots.  This means there is no requirement to connect a USB modem.  Simply insert your 5G SIM card and the router can connect.  We also offer dual SIM routers that provide failover to a backup 5G or 4G SIM / Network.

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