4G Routers with SIM Slot for Industrial M2M remote access and monitoring as well as Home and Office 4G routers.  Insert your 4G SIM Card and enjoy high speed 4G mobile and connect the devices on your LAN using the Ethernet ports or built-in WiFi.

Our industrial 4G routers from leading manufacturers including Proroute, Teltonika, Robustel, Amit, Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint all provide reliable and secure 4G Internet for M2M applications and include features like Ping Reboot / Cell ICMP Check and VPN and are ideal for use with our Fixed IP SIM Cards to ensure quick, reliable and secure remote access to the router.

Our Home and Office 4G routers such as the Teltonika TCR100 provide users with reliable 4G Internet with high speed Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11AC WiFi.

Our 4G routers can also be used for 4G Failover / 4G backup and in conjunction with our Speedroute SD-WAN bonded 4G / bonded 5G internet.


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