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ZTE MC889 Outdoor 5G Router with Indoor WiFi6

The ZTE MC889 outdoor 5G router lets you deploy your router and SIM outdoors to capture the best 5G network signal and deliver this along an Ethernet cable (which also provides power to the outdoor router using a POE injector) to a T3000 WiFi6 router which provides high speed wireless broadband inside the home or office as well as providing a couple of Gigabit Ethernet ports for connection to a wired LAN.

By installing the 5G router outdoors, this means that it is receiving the best possible 5G network signal so you can save the expense of installing a 5G antenna outdoors and having to deal with the signal loss along the antenna cables, especially on longer antenna cable runs.  Because the router is outdoors it can get the best possible 5G signal and deliver this along a longer Ethernet cable so just a single cable run is required to the outdoor 5G router and this can be much longer than an antenna cable as the Ethernet cable is not carrying radio signals which will suffer from signal loss.

£299.00 Excl VAT

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The ZTE MC889 5G Router / WiFi6 bundle provides a great solution for homes and businesses that want top take advantage of high speed 5G mobile broadband and want a simple, cost effective solution to get the best 5G signal by mounting their 5G router outdoors and delivering high speed Internet indoors using the high speed WiFi 6 Access Point that also provides Gigabit Ethernet ports for connection to indoor wired network devices.

  • ZTE’s New Generation 5G outdoor CPE antenna paired with miracle WiFi 6 Router T3000 for the highest quality signal and speed experience
  • Opening a new 5G era with wider coverage for up to 256 users, with an easy mesh one-click NFC connection, perfect for homes, businesses, holiday homes and villas.
  • Designed to be a compact size and lightweight, provides an easy installation, including signal indicators and an APP to support you in choosing the best position for CPE & router
  • Working together they create a reliable, high-quality signal ensuring 360° high-speed CPE connection, that is protected with an advanced firewall
  • Its superior performance is thanks to the upgraded chipset and processor, which are supported globally with 5G network configuration
  • This variant does NOT include antenna ports – The Router is installed outdoors where there is the strongest 5G network signal so does not need the addition of an outdoor 5G antenna.

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