Rural Broadband

Rural Broadband 5G Internet

Rural Broadband solutions sometimes need innovative ideas to ensure a reliable, high speed 4G or 5G Internet service in rural locations for users that need high speed Internet connectivity.

Traditional wired Broadband (ADSL) is usually very slow due to the distance the premises is away from the local exchange so many rural users including homes, businesses and farms have opted for higher speed 4G Internet connections using a 4G router and 4G SIM card.  In many cases this solves the initial problem of getting a faster Internet connection, but with standard 4G SIM connections there is usually not the option on cheaper, standard SIM card plans to get remote access to your router.  This is due to 4G networks using CGNAT which means that you cant get a dedicated IP address, or use dynamic DNS (DYNDNS) to remotely access your router or use port forwarding.

This remote access over 4G issue can be overcome with the use of a Fixed IP SIM card which is a service that provides your 4G connection with a public, static IP address so you can access your 4G router and use port forwarding to connect to devices on the LAN.  However, these types of services incur a higher cost and once you need to use more than 5GB per month of data become alot more expensive than standard, unlimited data SIM cards.

With the roll-out of 5G masts, with a plan to roll our many rural 5G base stations, the option of getting much faster 5G rural broadband is appealing to many rural farms, business and home users, but he cost of accessing these means a higher priced 5G router and perhaps an outdoor 4G or 5G antenna, usually a directional antenna and the cost of 5G Fixed IP SIM cards if you need remote access to your router may prove prohibitive to many rural Internet users.

A solution could be an SD-WAN connection like the SD WAN PRO which can take several 4G or 5G Internet connections and bond them together to create a high speed bonded Internet solution, with low latency and best of all it provides a single, public IPv4 IP address so you can remotely access your LAN and the SD-WAN solution bonds the multiple connections so you can utilise your existing 4G routers, add extra 4G or 5G routers into the mix and get a much faster bonded internet for rural broadband.

There is a cost for the SDWANPRO box and a monthly service charge but it does give businesses the option of having high speed rural broadband and of course you can use standard, unlimited data SIM cards with the SD WAN PRO because you do not need the expensive Fixed IP SIM Cards.  This means you can have a high speed rural Internet service with no cap on your monthly data so it might be worthwhile talking to us about how SD WAN PRO can help you achieve your bandwidth goals for your rural home, office or farm.