Factory Reset Robustel R5020 5G Router

How to Factory Reset Robustel Routers

The following steps work for all Robustel routers including the R5020 5G Router.
1. Power down the device
2. Hold the Reset PIN
3. Whilst still holding the Reset Pin, turn the device power back on
4. Within 15 seconds, the lights on the front of the router will flash indicating that the reset was successful.

Please note the device will not reboot following a successful reset, once the lights have flashed remove the reset pin.

You should then be able to login to the device with the default access details.

Default IP address –

Username – admin

Password – admin

Also note, after 15 minutes of a SIM being inserted into the device, the credentials to access the router, as well as the APN settings, will change (See First Time Connection Guide) however any other changes made before this (eg Port Forwarding) will stay the same.

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