RUT240, RUT950 and RUT955 4G Routers - End Of Life Announcement

Teltonika RUT240, RUT950 and RUT955 End Of Life Announcement Leave a comment

As a result of the global component shortage, the following Teltonika Networks products are entering their product End of Life (EOL):

This EOL announcement signifies that these products have entered the final phase of the Teltonika Networks product life cycle. There is still enough time for you to make orders for these products, and plenty more time to receive support for them.

The EoL Timeline

EOL announcement – 01.02.2023
Official announcement date of the product EOL

End of ordering – 31.07.2023
After this date, we will not be accepting orders for these products from their distributors.  Of course you will still be able to order after this date from Millbeck as long as we hold stock.

End of production – 31.12.2023
After this date, we will not be manufacturing these products.

End of new software releases – 30.06.2024
All new RutOS improvements, updates, and system features released up to this date will be available for these devices without any notable exceptions.

End of software support – 31.12.2025
Teltonika Networks will continue to provide critical security and bug fixes, as well as other forms of support, until this date.

What the Future Holds

Being flagship products, we know many of you consider RUT240, RUT950, and RUT955 as your key players for your IoT solution connectivity needs. You may be wondering what are the best future replacements for these specific devices. In that case, here are our recommendations:

RUT240 upgrades to RUT241

RUT950 upgrades to RUT951

RUT955 upgrades to RUT956**

** RUT956 does not support microSD cards, unlike RUT955. If this change affects you, we encourage contacting our support team to find the best replacement or solution for you.

For more information on this product EOL, or any inquiries you may have, our support team is here to help.

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