There is a growing need for weatherproof, outdoor 5G routers that can be installed outdoors with the SIM card and antennas in a single unit.  This outdoor 5G router can be positioned where there is a strong 4G or 5G network signal and the modem inside the router can connect with the fastest speeds available.

The 4G or 5G connection is then delivered along a single Ethernet cable to an indoor network switch or router.  This is the main benefit of using an outdoor 5G router.  It’s a single Ethernet cable and can be 10-50m long as it is not carrying radio signals the same way that an outdoor 5G antenna would be.  This gives alot more flexibility in terms of the outdoor positioning and also the indoor connectivity.

Many 5G routers installed outdoors will connect to the WAN port of a router or firewall and deliver the high speed internet connection to the LAN via the firewall or router.  It is common to use an outdoor 5G router to provide a 5G backup for an office, or where the indoor networking devices provide load balancing, can be used to supplement a slower wired Internet service.

Many users of Draytek routers will install an outdoor 5G router and connect to the WAN port of their Draytek to provide a load balancing or 5G backup.

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